Voice Over Animation

Client:  Dang you're good.  That was fast!  Love your work.

​​by Vtailing.com

Audio Book:  Taken by the Werewolf,  Romance Shifter, by Sicily Duval

Author's note:  It wasn't  easy finding the right narrator to play my hot and hunky Werewolf.  Buddy captured the soul of this character!

  • Western 4:56

  • The Immigrant2:14

  • My Life4:25

  • Taken By the Werewolf2:06

Audio Book: The Immigrant, Fiction, by JM Herriott

Author's Note:  Buddy is a superb Audio Book narrator.    His presentation animated the story and his vocalizations gave each character a life of their own, creating in the listener a sense of inclusion in the story. 

Audio Book:  Temperance, by Matt Prescott

Author's note:  I'm just glad I was lucky enough to find someone like you who could not only do my book justice, but make it better than it is on the page.  I'm so happy with the final result.  You did an amazing job and I can't wait to share it.

Audio Book Reviewer: Review by Nathan Tullis , 4 out of 5 Stars

Buddy Hatton was a perfect choice for this story, he has a great voice for the genre.  He also did a great job of creating unique voices for the characters as well as executing the performance extremely well.  While I've never heard of Mr Hatton and there doesn't seem to be much from him on Audible, he has had a long career in show business and his performance here is enough to put him on my watch list.  Pair the great narration with some very good audio production and some solid writing that will hold your attention, and you have "Temperance".  

Audio Book:  My Life According To My Destiny, a memoir by Vanny Vorng

Author's Note:  I was immediately impressed with Buddy's voice talent and the quality of his work was unmatched by any other producer I considered.   It was clear from the beginning that Buddy was a professional in the truest sense of the word.  

​Buddy Hatton